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Dancing Mouse is a visual design company who strives to meet and excel in every client’s business requirements. We have a passion for excellence, and a quest to ever better ourselves as well as our service and client-relationships.

As a team at Dancing Mouse we are committed to work and live with integrity and diligence. We aim to employ intelligent discernment, comprehension and interpretation of every individual product that is entrusted to us. We further aim to constantly gain knowledge in every related field of expertise, so that our clients will reap the benefit of our skills and experience.

Dancing Mouse believes that in all labour there is profit, and that a loyal and committed synergy between designer and client, will without a doubt, result in added value for every client’s business, product or service.

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Tel: (012) 997 5084 • Fax: 086 672 1312 • E-mail: info@dancingmouse.co.za
673 Severus Street, Moreletapark, Pretoria, South Africa, 0167