since operating from the Steenkamp living room. Here's a glimpse of where we've been & were we're going ...


Dancing Mouse was 'born in my basement' so to speak ... After working in a corporate design environment for 8 years, I started freelancing in 1996. Because of a growing demand among clients as well as trying to juggle different tasks that included motherhood, lecturing and running a business simultaniously I needed to expand my horizons. This is when Louise became part of the team in 2005. Quality is something that I will not compromise on & I feel blessed to be surrounded by a team who share my ideals & ideas on work ethic.


I 've been a Mouseketeer for 3 years now ... and I haven't looked back since my arrival here, as a nervous but optimistic student, many months ago! I have learnt bucket-loads since working in the industry & I take pleasue in continuing this practical training everyday. Although I enjoy all forms of design, print media is my passion. Aside from designing I look forward daily to entertaining the other mice in the office by talking a hundred miles per minute and performing to the wide selection of music we play to keep our creative juices flowing. Thanks to Katy joining the team, I now have a 'partner in crime' which has proved to bring about exciting design and many laughs along the way..


I'm back after my 6 month sabatical (working with YWAM in Cape Town) ... and I look forward to working with the mice once again ... Our paths crossed in 2007 and seeing as I come from a mutimedia background - this added another powerful service to the Dancing Mouse package. As I am eager to learn more about other design forms I have welcomed the chance of honing my skills together with Lizelle & Louise. Our team dyniamics together with the relaxed environment we are fortunate to be able to work in is what makes me excited about getting up in the morning when I come to the work!


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